HoyaHack 2020

Sue Chef

  • Won Best use of MongoDB Atlas
  • Sue Chef is an assistant who helps you plan dinner. She will pick someone to cook, and help makes sure everyone knows when and what dinner is.
  • Uses the flask, Google cloud, and mongodb.

Links: Devpost Github for Website Github for Database Github for Notifications

PennApps Winter 2017

Check Yo Treat

  • This website will let you know if you can treat yourself and still be on track financially to meet your goals.
  • Uses the Capital One api and javascript.

Links: Website Devpost Github

HackUMBC Fall 2016


  • Won Booz Allen Hamilton Most Game Changing Hack
  • A virtual assistant that uses SMS instead of internet. It can give you the weather, news, images from the internet, Wikipedia articles, and even lets you browse the web with just sms.
  • Build with Twillio, Amazon Web Services and PHP

Links: Devpost Github

PennApps Fall 2016

Got Gas

  • Placed in top 30 Hacks
  • Find the most fuel efficient and least costly driving route
  • Uses Google maps API, and javascript

Links: Website Devpost Github

MLH Prime Spring Finale 2016


  • Helps you find people to do activities with
  • Build with Amazon Web Services for android

Links: Devpost Github

Dragon Hacks 2016

So Easy A Baby Could Do it!

  • Pebble smart watch rubik cube time
  • Uses pebble API, and C

Links: Devpost Github